Welcome HOME

A place to call HOME

You’re here because you’re searching for something.

Something that maybe feels hard to point to or name.

But it comes with a feeling of peace on the other side of finding it.

And although you’re tired of the pursuit, you’ve continued to search because the longing for what calls to you feels too overwhelming to ignore.

What if the path forward is in?

What if what you’re looking for is already here, inside of the stillness of your own heart, mind, body and soul?

What if the missing piece is your relationship with you; who you believe you are and who you desire to be instead?

Does it feel vulnerable to believe that you could be enough, just as you are?

Does it feel impossible to believe that you could feel fulfilled despite anything outside of you changing?

You’ve been taught to believe that in order to feel good inside of you there has to be circumstantial evidence that it’s been earned and acquired. 

And so you keep searching for the answer to that feeling of longing, and wonder why you’re never satisfied.

When you're ready, I'd love to hold you through the process of seeing who you really are when you’re stripped of the illusion you’ve been made to believe is true, and uncover the magic that truly exists inside of you.

A world of inner wisdom led from your highest knowing that sees beyond your perceived limitations to what’s truly available for you, and opening you up to more love than you can imagine is possible to feel.

HOME is for those who are here to undergo transformation at the deepest level

  • HOME is for those who are ready to embrace love without needing to turn away from or heal their pain first, because they trust that the absence of pain was never required to access their joy or live with purpose.

  • HOME is for those who are tired of the endless pursuit of a goal that never satisfies.

  • HOME is for those who want to witness who they are now, not who they were “meant” to be, desired to be, or were bred to believe they needed to be.

  • HOME is for those who are ready to embrace their own story, their own perspective, and listen to the voice whispering that the way forward is found by turning inward, letting go of striving, and relaxing into allowing.

  • HOME is for those who want to explore what can be rather than what is.

To love you is to realize you, and to realize you is to embrace every aspect of your soul’s consciousness. What could be more powerful and transcendent than that in a world that embraces fear first?

Home is you, fully and unconditionally embodied.

Home is love, and so are you.

Welcome home.

HOME is a completely free experience where members get unlimited access to...

1. Monthly Immersions + Live Events

These are unique guided and channeled experiences designed to deepen awareness, work through and overcome obstacles and blocks, as well as teach you how to build your own connection to your inner wisdom and highest knowing.

Each event will have a slightly different focus, with the overall goal of encouraging you to trust in your own divine channel, open up to the unconditional love that exists within you, and build a connection to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and intuition.

  2. Recorded Channeled Guided Meditations + Messages

A variety of channeled guided meditations to invite you into a regular practice of clearing your thoughts and accessing your intuition, as well as formulating a relationship with your Higher Self and Spirit Team.

Channeled messages from various members of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other beings of light who wish to help you on your journey by sharing their guidance and knowledge with you.

  3. Intimate Community + Support

Navigating the spiritual journey can feel incredibly lonely and isolating at times. There is incredible power in feeling connected to each other as we find our way forward in a world that none of us ever truly fit into in the traditional way. 

Witnessing others in this evolution - and being witnessed by others as you take risks + try on new ways of expressing yourself - is the magic.

Using this community you will have the opportunity to share stories, support one other on your journey, and connect in order to practice your gifts, elevating one another as you go.

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